A Tale of Woe, A Tail of Action

Long ago, there was a tale of deepest woe! A sweet mother cat's kittens were whisked away by the ghastly minions of a mysterious foe. Was she a scaredy cat? Did she flee? Did she hide? Oh no. Oh no! Into the forest she did go!

The Original Game

The original Black Cat Ops was released on Newgrounds in 2004. You can still play it there if your Web browser supports Flash Player.

You can also play it right here.

Mobile Versions

New versions of Black Cat Ops are under development for Android and iOS devices, featuring all new artwork by Steve MacIntyre. It turns out that a shooting gallery swiping gallery game actually works better with a touch screen than a mouse anyway. Neat, huh?!


The original 2004 version of Black Cat Ops was made by Brian Sexton, who is also programming the new versions. Artwork for the new versions was produced by Steve MacIntyre.

The new 2014 versions of Black Cat Ops will be released by Carroket, Inc.

Brian and Steve also developed Ask Gaston and Dragon Clock, which are now available for Android devices via Google Play.

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